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Max Reger Chronology | 1892

Wiesbaden Marktplatz In pupil concerts of the conservatoire, the 1st movement of the piano trio op. 2 is premiered in March, the complete violin sonata op. 3 in April. By procurement of Riemann Reger signs in the summer a seven years' contract with the London publishing company of Augener & Co. In October he passes the music examination for admission to the one year volunteer military year with Court conductor Mannstaedt with the purpose to save him from a three year military service. In the annual report of the conservatoire for 1892/93, he is mentioned as a pupil in theory as well as a teacher for piano and organ. Reger's first cello sonata, no doubt his most advanced Wiesbaden chamber music work, offers difficulties in understanding even to Riemann. In his first organ composition op. 7 he consciously withdraws a claim of originality in order to provide craftsmanlikely secure, traditional journeyman pieces. In December, he with the Walzer-Capricen for the first time complies with the publisher's request for easy, marketable works, a request which will accompany him lifelong.

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