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It is the aim of the Max-Reger-Institute to convey Reger's life and work to a larger audience both for scholars and laypeople alike. The substantial collection and library makes the Max-Reger-Institute an important resource to all interested.

Max Regers verschwundene Sinfonie

With »Max Regers verschwundene Sinfonie« Max-Reger-Institute contributed to the virtual exhibition »Ungelöste Rätsel der Kulturgeschichte« of Arbeitskreis selbständiger Kulturinstitute (AsKI) and ventured into a new chapter of music mediation. A multimedia presentation of an episode of Max Regers life was created and published with Pageflow. Digital storytelling allows to illustrate sophisticated content by a multitude of different media. Besides historic and current photos, as well as manuscripts and letters, new illustrations, voice recordings and video interviews were created. Central to the project is Regers time in Wiesbaden with its yet to be solved puzzles: What happened to Regers piano concert and symphony? Why aren't there even sketches? The user is invited to take on the role of an investigator. He can explore Wiesbaden in the year of 1896, poke around in historic documents, listen to contemporary witnesses and get to know selected compositions of Max Reger.

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From October 1st 2017 Prof. Dr. Susanne Popp and Dr. Alexander  Becker share the duties of being heads of institute

From now on „sempre con tutta forza“ four-handed.

Out now: Max Reger, Requiem WoO V/9

Thomas Meyer-Fiebigs longtime studies of Regers Requiem WoO V/9 (1914) finally lead to a new edition of Regers unfinished work. With his intimate knowledge of Regers works Meyer-Fiebig tries to avoid a clash of styles and to act in the service of the composer with his completition of the Dies irae. While the first movement is edited in the style of a original text edition, a goal for the second movement was to come as close as possible to Reger without interfering too much.

Published by Musikproduktion Höflich

New manuscript: Phantasie und Fuge über B-A-C-H op. 46

Max-Reger-Instistute in Karlsruhe suceeded to fill a gap in their inventory after almost 60 years. Regers composition Phantasie und Fuge über B-A-C-H op. 46 for organ from 1900 is not just a key work of Reger and modern organ music in general but also the last missing of 10 manuscript of Regers great works for organ, prepared by Reger himself for Karl Straube. The acquisition was supported by the Berthold Leibinger foundation.

Full press release (German)

Out now: Maximum Reger

With the DVD boxed set »Maximum Reger« Fugue State Films, in cooperation with Max-Reger-Institute, created a comprehensive collection on Reger’s live and Reger’s music. Spread on 6 DVDs there is more than 15 hours of content, including 3 feature-length documentaries and 12 hours of filmed performances of Regers music. The opening of the documentation is also available on YouTube.

Available on Fugue State Films

Out now: Reger-Studien 10. Max Reger und das Lied. Tagungsbericht Karlsruhe 2015

Next to works for piano, songs play an important role in the oeuvre of Max Reger. He worked on them all over his life and composed around 300 songs with piano accompaniment. In 2015 Max-Reger-Institut organized an interdisciplinary conference on this still underrepresented part of Regers work. The conference combined historiographic and current questions and tackled a wide range of problems. Contributions by musicologists, germanists, computer scientists, one neuro scientist and musicians opened up a multitude of new perspectives.

Published by Carus-Verlag

Out now – Reger: The Centenary Collection

Exuberant and prolific, Max Reger composed an extraordinary volume and variety of works in his short life – he was just 43 when he died in 1916. Reger saw himself as an heir to Brahms, Schumann, Beethoven and Bach, while also drawing inspiration from Wagner and Liszt. The energy, richness, rapture and contrapuntal invention of his art is celebrated in this 8-CD collection of works for orchestra, chamber ensemble, piano, organ, choir and solo voice.

Recently published: Max Reger. Werk statt Leben – Biographie

Just in time for the Reger-Year 2016 Breitkopf & Härtel published the Reger biography written by Susanne Popp. The comprehensive biography presents Regers prolific life on the basis of letters and documents, some of them practically unknown, which visually depict the restless life of the workaholic. Accompanying digital content can be found on maxreger.info.

More about the book

Recently published: Reger-Werkausgabe, Volume I/7

Reger-Werkausgabe, Vol. I/7, ed. by Alexander Becker, Christopher Grafschmidt, Stefan König and Stefanie Steiner-Grage, xxx, 207 pp. + DVD, Carus-Verlag 2015, CV 52.807 (EUR 208.00)