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It is the aim of the Max-Reger-Institute to convey Reger's life and work to a larger audience both for scholars and laypeople alike. The substantial collection and library makes the Max-Reger-Institute an important resource to all interested.

Max-Reger-Institut Termine im September

14.–17. September – Johannes Gutenberg Universityät Mainz
XVIth Internationale Conference of the GfM
Max Reger Panel on September 15 with lectures by Alexander Becker and Stefanie Steiner-Grage as well as other lectures by Jürgen Schaarwächter and Nikolaos Beer on September 16. Additionally participation in panel discussions by Susanne Popp and Johannes Voit. Full program.

21.–23. September – Vienna University
Ästhetik der Innerlichkeit – Max Reger und das Lied um 1900
With lectures by Susanne Popp, Stefan König und Jürgen Schaarwächter on September 22. Full program/a>.

Recently published: Max Reger. Werk statt Leben – Biographie

Just in time for the Reger-Year 2016 Breitkopf & Härtel published the Reger biography written by Susanne Popp. The comprehensive biography presents Regers prolific life on the basis of letters and documents, some of them practically unknown, which visually depict the restless life of the workaholic. Accompanying digital content can be found on maxreger.info.

More about the book

www.reger2016.de online!

The Max-Reger-Institut offers a service-homepage www.reger2016.de, that intends to gather all Reger-relevant events – especially in the jubilee year 2016 we can assume many events, so that the willing audience can keep track of everything more easily.

Recently published: Reger-Werkausgabe, Volume I/7

Reger-Werkausgabe, Vol. I/7, ed. by Alexander Becker, Christopher Grafschmidt, Stefan König and Stefanie Steiner-Grage, xxx, 207 pp. + DVD, Carus-Verlag 2015, CV 52.807 (EUR 208.00)