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It is the aim of the Max-Reger-Institute to convey Reger's life and work to a larger audience both for scholars and laypeople alike. The substantial collection and library makes the Max-Reger-Institute an important resource to all interested.

Reger at ZeitGenuss festival on October 24th, 7:30 pm

Reger’s Violin Concoerto op. 101, arranged by Rudolf Kolisch for Arnold Schönberg, will be played at ZeitGenuss festival, CampusOne Karlsruhe University of Music on October 24th 2015. It wil be directed by Alexej Kornienko and performed by Elena Denisova and students of the Karlsruhe University of Music and will take place at the Wolfang-Rihm-Forum concert hall.

Additionaly, introductory remarks by Prof. Dr. Susanne Popp will take place before the concert, 6.45 pm in MUTprobe II.

More information on reger2016.de.​

Prof. Dr. Johannes Voit in the Reger edition of works

Johannes Voit, junior professor for music communication at the University of Education Karlsruhe, works in the Reger edition of works sice July 1, 2015. Read more about him on his page.

Exhibition »Neue Fülle«

September, 10th – October 28th 2015, Baden State Library, Karlsruhe

For further information please go to the webpage of the Baden State Library.

The collection of Reger manuscripts of the Max-Reger-Institute includes about one third of all music manuscripts of the composer known at present and is the largest and broadest one. It depicts Regers development and its context and serves as the basis for research. In the exihibition at the Baden State Library, the collaborative partner of the Max-Reger-Institute that convers its collection under very good conditions, mediates it to an receptive audience.

www.reger2016.de online!

The Max-Reger-Institut offers a service-homepage www.reger2016.de, that intends to gather all Reger-relevant events – especially in the jubilee year 2016 we can assume many events, so that the willing audience can keep track of everything more easily.

Recently published: Reger-Werkausgabe, Volume I/7

Reger-Werkausgabe, Vol. I/7, ed. by Alexander Becker, Christopher Grafschmidt, Stefan König and Stefanie Steiner-Grage, xxx, 207 pp. + DVD, Carus-Verlag 2015, CV 52.807 (EUR 208.00)