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The Max Reger Institute aims to make the life and work of the composer known to a wider public. It is open to experts and interested laymen alike: The extensive collection and the library make the institute a treasure trove for all interested parties. You can find initial information on the homepage and the Max Reger Portal, also on Reger's 150th birthday in 2023.



Max Reger as a graphic novel

Max Reger is impressive. His mind is never at rest, he composes music day and night. He rushes from concert to concert and writes letters incessantly. This is only possible with vast quantities of sausages, beer and cigars. He cracks jokes of all kinds, but the thought of death haunts him. His exuberant music is dazzling, but when the tall, portly man sits down at the piano, everyone is enchanted by his delicate playing.
The Max Reger Institute is working on a graphic novel about Max Reger. Almut Ochsmann is writing the text and scenario, while Eva Gau is responsible for the visual design.

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Spring Concert 2024

On Sunday, 28 April 2024 at 6:30 pm, we welcome violinist Viviane Hagner and pianist Rudolf Meister to the Festsaal of Durlach's Karlsburg. The programme includes Reger's infamous »S-c-h-a-f-e«-»A-f-f-e« Sonata op. 72 as well as Béla Bartók's First Rhapsody and Maurice Ravel's second Violin Sonata. Followed by a reception with wine and Regerkugeln. Admission free, donation requested.

DVD contents of Module I and Module II are now available in RWA Online

With its major Spring Update 2024, Reger-Werkausgabe (RWA) completes the range of contents available in RWA Online and integrates the digital components of the edition volumes published until 2019, which were previously only available on DVD. This includes both the first published volumes of the second project module “Songs and Choirs”–II/1 “Songs I” (2017), II/8 “Works for mixed voice unaccompanied choir I” (2018) and II/7 “Vocal works with organ accompaniment and further instruments” (2019)–as well as all edition volumes of the first project module “Organ Works” (RWA volumes I/1-7, published between 2010 and 2015), see also Publications. The new RWA Blog also provides a new space for presenting and contextualising project content.

More Information

New entries: REGER-STUDIEN online

The Reger Year 2023 draws to a close with several articles in REGER-STUDIEN online - from Reger's pupils and their confrontation with the "old style" to the important but almost completely forgotten Reger interpreters Margarete Klinckerfuß and Frieda Dierolf, who distanced themselves from Nazi ideology in different ways during the Third Reich.

"Like in a cockpit" - Max Reger and the reed organ

As a supplement to our concert event "tastenReich" on 6 July 2023 with Lars David Kellner and Susanne Sperrhake in the Gartensaal of Karlsruhe Palace: In an interview with Moritz Chelius, Lars David Kellner talks about the reed organ, its distribution and significance in the past and today, as well as his personal path to this instrument and the literature for it. Including:

– Max Reger: Traum durch die Dämmerung op. 35 No. 3 from Zwölf Ausgewählte Lieder für Harmonium (arranged by Josef Reger), RWV Anh. E
– Max Reger: Ach Liebster, in Gedanken... op. 48 No. 4
– Kazue Isida: Parus, No. 13 from Aves (2009) for celesta solo

Out now: Otterloo conducts Reger (1915-1957)

Pristine Audio concludes the Reger year with the recordings of the Violin Concerto (soloist Georg Kulenkampff), the Romantic Suite and the Mozart Variations under the direction of Willem van Oterloo from 1944-1957; the sound restoration of the historical recordings is astonishing. Five miniatures for violin are offered as bonus material - including the earliest ever recording of Reger's music (from June 1915).

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