Max Reger Festival in Moscow

Ruzaliia Kasimova, awardee of the 6th European Chamber Music Competition 2017, initiated a festival at the Moscow Conservatory with monthly concerts, starting on November 3rd, and an exhibition. Program notes were written by Prof. Dr. Susanne Popp.

Full program

Piano Trio, Op.102 No.2 (1907–1908)
Clarinet Sonata, Op.49 No.1 (1900)
Suite for Solo Viola, Op.131d No.3 (1914–1915)
Piano Quartet, Op.113 No.1 (1910)

Introduction und Passacaglia, WoO IV/6 (1899/1914)
6 Waltzes, Op.22 (1898)
Violin Sonata, Op.1 No.1 (1890)
Clarinet Sonata, Op.49 No.2(1900)
Piano Quartet, Op.133 No.2 (1914)

Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Beethoven, Op.86 (1904)
Suite, Op.93 (1906)
Clarinet Sonata, Op.107 No.3 (1909)
Piano Quintet No.2, Op.64 (1901–1902)

Serenade, Op.141a No.2 (1915)
Cello Sonata, Op.116 No.4 (1910)
Suite, Op.103a (1908)
Clarinet Quintet, Op.146 (1916)