Reger-Werkausgabe II/8: Works for mixed choir a cappella I (1890–1902)

Published in July 2018 volume II/8 of Reger-Werkausgabe covers Regers works for mixed choir from 1890 to 1902. Included are contributions to catholic (Opus 61 and WoO VI/12, 19) as well as protestant (Opus 79f und WoO VI/17, which contains choral-based four-part movements sets for a whole church year) liturgical Gebrauchsmusik. Folk songs were not only tended to by secular (WoO VI/10, 11), but also by sacred (WoO VI/13, 14) contributions. The ambitous Drei Chöre op. 39 werededicated to renowned choir associations which were approaching professional levels. The comissioned work "Palmsonntagmorgen" WoO VI/18 can be seen as a transition to Regers later motets.