"Like in a cockpit" - Max Reger and the reed organ

As a supplement to our concert event "tastenReich" on 6 July 2023 with Lars David Kellner and Susanne Sperrhake in the Gartensaal of Karlsruhe Palace: In an interview with Moritz Chelius, Lars David Kellner talks about the reed organ, its distribution and significance in the past and today, as well as his personal path to this instrument and the literature for it. Including:

– Max Reger: Traum durch die Dämmerung op. 35 No. 3 from Zwölf Ausgewählte Lieder für Harmonium (arranged by Josef Reger), RWV Anh. E
– Max Reger: Ach Liebster, in Gedanken... op. 48 No. 4
– Kazue Isida: Parus, No. 13 from Aves (2009) for celesta solo