MRIOn Wednesday 16th October 2013 the founder and long-time managing director of the Busch Brothers Society Wolfgang Burbach died two weeks after his 85th birthday. Apart from his activities on behalf of the Busch Brothers the native-born Krombachian had been an important exponent of the cultural live of Siegerland and Wittgensteinerland. Especially on his initiative in Hilchenbach in South-Westphalia the Busch Brothers Circle, a powerful cultural association, has been founded, whose director he was until 1984, first on an honorary basis, later full-employed. The institution of the Busch Brothers Theatre in Dahlbruch, another of his initiatives, was another important signal for the care of local cultural undertakings. Also at Wolfgang Burbach’s instigation the Busch Brother Award was originated in 1972, an award supporting young musicians which is interlinked to the ARD competition and has since been given to many musicians who have become famous subsequently. At the Busch Brothers Theatre the Busch Brothers Archive found a permanent home, an archive that Burbach since the Busch Brothers Society’s foundation in 1964 gathered up from all over the world. The archive contains several thousands of documents, letters, articles, programmes, photographs and other source material documenting the life and work of conductor Fritz Busch (1890-1951), violinist and composer Adolf Busch (1891-1952), actor Willi Busch (1893-1951), cellist Hermann Busch (1897-1975) and pianist and composer Heinrich Busch (1900-1929). In 2003 the Busch Brothers Society was dissolved and the archive donated to the Max-Reger-Institute/Elsa-Reger-Foundation which as early as 1999 had agreed to scholarly exploit and assess the archive material. A small selection of the material of the Busch Brothers Archive is on display at the Busch Brothers Memorial Room in Siegen. 2003 became an honorary member of the International Max Reger Society. In 2011 Burbach published his memoirs Im Dienste der Brüder-Busch-Gesellschaft.